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About Bernard W Quail CPA

Professional Background:


Mr. Quail, a graduate from Seton Hall University, entered the accounting profession when he was recruited by a leading tri-state public accounting firm through his University's Accounting Internship Program, a program only offered to students of high achievement. By the end of his tenure with the firm, he supervised the tax, accounting and auditing services for a diversified group of companies, in which the average size in sales for each client is as high as 30 million.

Several years after, Mr. Quail went into private accounting. In a short period became the company's top financial executive managing a team of fifteen for a New Jersey based real estate firm with subsidiaries in multi-unit housing, title and homeowner's insurance and aviation ownership. He was a key officer in developing and executing a plan to take the public company private, then to eventually sell off its assets in a downsizing program. This led to the establishment of a public accounting practice. Bernard developed this practice from the ground up without purchasing any existing accounts.

In 1989 Mr. Quail's public accounting practice, Bernard W. Quail, Jr., P.A., C.P.A.(BWQ) became a
full time endeavor.


Architectural Engineering, Aviation, Computer Hardware, Software & Maintenance Services, Construction, Financial Services, Homeowners Associations, Human Resource Management, Estates & Trusts, Legal, Manufacturing, Medical & Dental Products & Services, Printing & Publishing, Real Estate Sales & Management, Restaurant, Security & Investigation Services, Technical Writing, Web Hosting, Title Insurance, Trucking & Warehousing, Vehicle Service Stations, Wholesale
& Retail-Durable & Non-Durable Goods, Craft Beer Breweries and Pharmaceutical Product Development.

BWQ has clients and experience in the fields of:

Procurement of New Lines of Credit, Major Financial Presentations to Attract Private Investors, Developed and Maintained Small Business Accounting Systems which resulted in Reduced System and Personnel Costs of the Department and Greater Accuracy in Accounting and Tax Reporting. BWQ Represented Clients before the IRS and State Tax Agencies to Obtain Tax, Penalty and Interest Concessions and/or Workable Payment Plans, Provided Expert Advice and Presentations for Various Legal Situations, Key Person in Developing Estate Plans for Affluent Individuals/Business Owners and Provided Advice in the Acquisition and Transaction Management of Newly Purchased Businesses.

Some major projects in which BWQ has gained praise and client satisfaction are:

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